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5 Reasons Why I Became A Music Therapist

I love people. I love music. I love the relationships people have with music. It's impossible to narrow down this path to just one story. Many instances have pointed me in this direction and even more continue to drive my passion.

Hi. My name is Ana. My top 5 reasons why I became a music therapist are...

5. We're Making History.

Music therapy, believe it or not, was only established as a health profession in the 60's. Music has been part of human nature since around 5,000 B.C. (alongside healing and spiritual rites), and can date scientific literary records (in U.S. health practices) as early as the 18th century. However, there is still so much to learn about how musical elements impact our physical, psychological, and emotional state and how they can be applied in therapy. Being part of such an innovative field is nothing short of exciting! Everything we do today as researchers, academics, clinicians, and clients will determine the future of music therapy. Whoa.

4. It's Science.

​Speaking of science... did you know music is one of the strongest organic mechanisms to shape our synaptic connections? Our bodies function best with well organized information (literally pumping through us). Many factors can throw our neural networks out of wack (like Autism, Dementia, Psychological disorders, and even environmental stress). Musical elements such as rhythm, pitch, and timbre are some of the easiest stimuli for our brains to recognize. This is why learning and re-learning through music can help us process the information we need to thrive.

3. The Universal Language.

Another reason I love being a music therapist is the ability to build relationships without having to say a word. Music is a significant part of so many different cultures, shapes countless identities, and is used in a variety of ways. Everyone can find their unique voice though music no matter the age, race, religion, gender, or ability.

2. More Than A Job.

How can I call it work when I'm having so much fun? Not only do I get to witness the wild phenomena that music provides to our well-being but I get to sing songs and play cool instruments ALL. DAY. LONG. My car is basically West Music on wheels... and there's more where that came from!

1. My Community.

Finally, the most important reason why I became a music therapist, the reason I continue to practice music therapy, why I'm going to graduate school for music therapy, and why I advocate for available services and research opportunities is to preserve, strengthen, and support the most precious lives on this planet. I am a music therapist to spread peace, love, and understanding throughout our community. I am a music therapist to give all of my friends an opportunity to share their story, build their courage, and make this world the best it can possibly be for us now and for the future.

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**Exciting News/Upcoming Events**

Florida Gulf Coast University ( is now providing an undergraduate degree in music therapy. With the growth of this program and Florida's increasing population, Fort Myers Music Therapy is on the rise!

There will be more music therapy topics to come, including...

  • Music Therapy for Dementia

  • Music Therapy and Autism

  • Music Therapy and Mental Health

  • Rebuilding a Music Therapy practice in Fort Myers, Florida

  • and more...

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Thanks for reading!

Ana-Alicia Lopez, MT-BC

Music Therapist-Board Certified

The House of Music Therapy

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