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Music Therapy and Neurodiversity

As therapists and consumers we not only want to be sure that therapy services are appropriate but the treatment itself considers individualistic factors, as well.

First, let's start with some definitions...

What IS Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a concept where neurological differences are to be recognized and respected as any other human variations. These differences can include those labeled with Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyscalculia, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, and others (Syracuse University).

How does this translate to daily life?

Advocates for neurodiversity do not see neurologic disorders as impairments needing to be cured but rather differences that need to be supported and celebrated. Support can mean using person-first language, resisting generalizations and assumptions, and considering each person's preferences to the highest regard.

How can Music Therapy integrate neurodiversity into practice?


Here are a few examples...

  • Assessing the person not the diagnosis; including cultural and spiritual identities.

  • Communicating and developing treatment plans with the client, not for the client.

  • Providing ample opportunities for the client to develop musical and non-musical independence.

  • Creating supportive and successful musical experiences that utilize the client's own strengths to support their growth.

  • Using preferred music!

How do YOU support and celebrate neurodiversity?


Thanks for reading!

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