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Music Therapy in Florida: Everything You Need to Know

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Music therapy is a modern approach to therapy that is working wonders for people around the world—learn more about how it is working in Florida.

Our mental health is a complex topic that we are learning more about every single day. For those who are struggling with their mental health or simply want to gain key skills to help improve their lives, therapy is becoming a common and highly beneficial tool. It provides everyday people with the opportunity to give their minds and bodies the support that they need, but the therapy world is getting larger.

Throughout the years, different styles of therapy have been introduced, each with their own benefits. One of the more recent formally introduced styles of therapy is music therapy, an option that is steadily making its way throughout the world. Florida residents, just like people from other areas, are looking for mental health solutions that work. In this article, we will explore music therapy and the way that it can help Florida shine a little brighter in the future.

Understanding Music Therapy

Playing keyboard and guitar

Though Florida offers a variety of different kinds of therapy, the fact remains that music therapy is beginning to gain more prominence in the area. This unique twist on traditional therapy practices is yielding wonderful results for people all around the world, and it is doing so in a way that many people find pleasantly disarming. Let’s discuss what music therapy is—and how it works.

What is Music Therapy?

In its simplest form, music therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on addressing the concerns and needs of a person with a variety of treatment options that are all focused on music and the individual. This approach can vary greatly when it is used, and this is actually a very good thing.

With music therapy, there is a custom-tailored approach that will blend together a collection of musical options that are chosen specifically for the individual in order to meet certain needs. You will find that your music therapy sessions might look nothing like your neighbor’s, and that is by design.

Music therapy can be used to improve any cognitive, emotional, mental, and social needs that a person might want to address. As a bonus, it does all of this while offering a genuinely pleasant experience. Though therapy does have a tendency to make each of us more vulnerable, and we might face difficult thoughts or emotions, music therapy offers an added degree of catharsis that people really love.

Who Can Benefit from Music Therapy?

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Like most other kinds of therapy, music therapy is a therapeutic approach that a lot of different people can benefit from. People often mistakenly believe that music therapy is only beneficial for those with a complex understanding of music, but this really isn’t true. Though you will rely on musical techniques in music therapy, there aren’t any prerequisites to this kind of therapy.

Most people will find that music therapy is a good fit for them, and this is why there is a growing interest in this approach to therapy. It is effective for treating anxiety, depression, and PTSD—but it doesn’t stop there. Music therapy can be used for someone on the spectrum looking to improve their social skills or increase their comfort, and it can also be used for someone who is looking to move past their fear of certain situations or spaces. This is a truly broad approach to therapy, and that is part of what makes it so special and so comfortable for those who embrace it.

As you get further into your music therapy, you will find that it has a tendency to change. As you make improvements and take on new challenges with your music therapist, there will always be new options to try and new ways to explore. This form of therapy is deeply personal, and your music therapist will work to provide you with complete support along the way. There is music therapy for children, music therapy for adults, and music therapy for teens too!

How Do You Attend Music Therapy?

Music therapist and child

When attending music therapy, there are a couple of different options to consider. It is important to understand that some music therapy offices work differently than others. You might find that one group offers an approach that better accommodates your needs. Currently, there are two main ways to attend music therapy.


An in-person music therapy session is what you would expect. You will meet up with a trained music therapist and explore the therapy sessions face-to-face at a specific location. Some groups prefer to meet at a centralized location, while other groups might offer the opportunity for a therapist to visit a patient at a different chosen location. The important consideration is that for this kind of music therapy, you will be in the same room as your therapist.


Telehealth options are a growing interest for those who want to connect with medical professionals from a distance. In this case, telehealth means virtual music therapy. With the help of modern technology, virtual music therapy allows anyone to connect directly with a music therapist from anywhere in the world. Virtual music therapy is just as effective as its in-person equivalent, making it a great option for a lot of people.

There are a few different reasons why you might prefer virtual music therapy. For some, it is all about one thing: comfort. Therapy can be intimidating, even when you get to listen to music and make fun sounds. Sometimes, it can feel a bit overwhelming, and while your music therapist will be happy to help you work through these feelings, the fact remains that they want you to be comfortable. For some of us, putting that screen between ourselves and a therapist can make the entire session a more approachable process.

Music Therapy by car

Beyond general comfort, virtual music therapy is truly wonderful for increasing the accessibility of this kind of therapy. With virtual options, more people have access to music therapy, regardless of their situation. For some, virtual music therapy might be beneficial because they don’t drive. For others, it might be because they simply don’t have the energy to go through the extra steps of attending an in-person session.

There are no right or wrong reasons to choose a virtual music therapy session over an in-person one. Some people even use it while they travel for work or when they are on vacation. Virtual music therapy allows accessibility and consistency that in-person sessions simply can’t provide for some people.

What to Expect From a Music Therapy Session

No one really knows what to expect when they first walk into a music therapy session, and we wanted to clear up some of the mystery surrounding it. While we can’t guarantee what the future of your sessions will look like, we can certainly address where it will start and what you might expect.

Whether you drive over to a music therapist’s office or connect with them from the comfort of your Florida home, you will find that it all starts with an introduction and assessment. Every single one of us is different, and we all have different needs. The assessment will help your music therapist to understand your needs so that they can make a tailored approach that will help you to meet those goals.

During the assessment, your music therapist will get to know you. They will want to hear about who you are, your interests, your life, and what you want to work on. This is an excellent time to bring up any concerns that you might have, but it is also completely okay if you aren’t quite sure what to share. The Florida music therapy professionals in your area will be happy to help guide you through the process.

Dancing to music therapy

After you have laid the groundwork for where you would like to go, you and your music therapist can begin to work on certain exercises. This can differ from one person to the next, so don’t expect your sessions to go exactly the same as someone else’s. Sessions can cover creating sounds, moving to music, listening to music, singing, or even discussing certain music that resonates with you. As you get further into your sessions, you can expect to explore more exercises.

Does Music Therapy Follow a Specific Program?

With music therapy, people tend to imagine that they are walking into a music class equivalent. While music therapists might rely on some of the same principles as general tools, it is important to remember that music therapy is therapy.

Music therapy might look a little different than the therapy that you see in movies, but it can have many of the same results. For some, it actually works better than traditional therapy by helping to break down barriers and build confidence. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here, so you can expect your program to change as you go along.

To understand this, think of each practice as a different set of tools. You might start with one set to work on one thing, then switch to a completely different set of tools to discuss something else. At some point, you might circle back to those original tools to address an entirely new concern. Music therapy isn’t linear. It changes and adapts, just like our minds.

Does Music Therapy Work?

Music therapy drums and guitar

When people hear about music therapy, it can raise a few eyebrows. They might wonder if it actually works—or if it is as effective as other common forms of therapy. The good news is that music therapy is effective regardless of whether you choose traditional sessions or virtual music therapy. Plenty of people have gained a deeper understanding of themselves using music therapy throughout the years.

Addressing the effectiveness of any kind of therapy is a little confusing for a lot of us. We have all known people who attended therapy and didn’t receive the results that they were hoping for. However, the truth is that there are a lot of different factors that can influence the effectiveness of therapy—and they might not apply to your situation at all. People can struggle in therapy because they haven’t found the right therapist, or even because that specific style of therapy doesn’t work for them on an individual level. This doesn’t mean that the form of therapy is ineffective, just that their experience was not a good one.

Florida and Mental Health

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When we consider mental health, most of us don’t think about a location playing any real role in it. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Professionals know that mental health can vary from one area to the next depending on the people, the economy, and the security of the area. Even a single incident in one area can have long-term mental health implications for generations. So, what do we really know about the mental health climate in Florida?

What Does Mental Health Look Like in Florida?

Florida is a beautiful state with lovely natural spaces and wonderful people, but it isn’t always sunshine and smiles in this state. Right now, Florida is considered to be in the middle of a mental health epidemic. People all around the state are facing struggles with their mental health, and it is one of the primary driving forces for people to seek therapy.

There are several different contributing factors that put Florida residents at risk when it comes to mental health. In 2019, it was determined that Florida’s support for mental health services was one of the lowest in the country. People in this state need support for their mental health. Florida music therapy is just one of the available options, and Floridians are encouraged to find what works for them. What matters above all else is that people are receiving treatment.

Floridians and Therapy

Florida citizens need better access to mental health providers, and those very providers—including the ones at The House of Music Therapy—are looking to meet these needs. Florida citizens have already expressed a need for therapeutic services. A lack of access has driven up the length of stay (LOS) statistics for psychiatric hospitals in the state, and these were concerns before the COVID-19 pandemic, where the mental health climate took an even bigger turn for the worse.

There is a distinct need for therapy, and Florida citizens have a lot to gain by seeking support for their mental health. Whether you want to work through something difficult or you are just looking for ways to feel a little more comfortable in your own sense of self, therapy services can offer solutions. The first step is simply to step in and embrace them.

Is Music Therapy Available in Orlando, Fort Myers, Naples, etc.?

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Music therapy is available all around the state, and this means that more people are gaining access to it. To make this even better, virtual music therapy options are making it possible for people to gain better access to this kind of care. You can find music therapists all over Florida.

How Can We Improve Mental Health in Florida?

The numbers show us that Floridians want better support for mental health. The fact is that Florida continuously faces natural disasters and other challenges, and those of us who live here can’t help but feel that. Pairing this with an ongoing pandemic that is putting so many at risk and causing families to struggle, the fact is that we all need to focus on improving the mental health climate in the area. This can be accomplished in a couple of ways.

First, there is a need for more people to seek mental health services. If you have been struggling or on the fence about whether or not therapy can help you to improve your life, it is a good time to start. Look into therapy and what it can offer you, then consider making an appointment. Remember, this doesn’t only apply to you. If you have a friend or loved one that has been struggling with their own mental health, now is a good time to encourage them to get the help that they need.

The second requirement is for us to offer better mental health services. At The House of Music Therapy, we understand that people need better access to effective mental health services. As locals ourselves, we know that we have a duty to support our friends and neighbors—and we strongly believe that we can do this through music therapy.

Though we are trying to do our part, the fact is that mental health providers in general will need to continue to offer their services to support the community. Whether you’re living by the beach or nestled deep within a city, you should have access to good therapists. Mental health experts are working hard to make this possible.

The House of Music Therapy

The House of Music Therapy Logo

The House of Music Therapy is a Florida music therapy clinic providing mental health support for people all around the state. We are currently expanding to offer better support for Florida residents, and we are working hard to help everyday people to improve their lives. We believe that music therapy is a great approach that yields excellent results, and we help new people to better understand themselves on a daily basis.

Who Are We?

Founded by owners Ana and Chris, The House of Music Therapy is a collective of mental health experts who specialize in music therapy. Driven by a passion for music and the complexities of the human mind, this group has embraced music therapy to offer consistent and engaging support to people in Florida and beyond.

Our team believes that every Floridian deserves the opportunity to live their best lives, and therapy is an excellent way to make that possible. There is this belief that therapy is only for people who are truly struggling, but we have found that therapy is an expansive practice that can benefit people from all different backgrounds and with entirely different needs. We help you to explore what you can do to improve your life and feel better about the life that you are living.

What Do We Offer?

Our Florida music therapy services are aimed at connecting residents in Florida with trained music therapists who can help them to better understand themselves and take active steps towards improving their quality of life. This is a mission that looks different for everyone, so we take customizable approaches to ensure that you get the best care.

At The House of Music Therapy, we believe in giving our community exactly what they need. Our services can offer support for all kinds of different personal needs. We are just as happy helping you to work through your social anxiety as we are helping you to work through any pains or struggles that you might face. We offer therapy services that are tailored to your needs, and we work with you every step of the way to help you meet your goals.

How We Are Serving Florida

Music therapist tuning

Florida is a gorgeous state, and we want to help improve the mental health of people in the area. The numbers have told us that Floridians are in need of better mental health support, and it is our goal to provide it with our offices that are located throughout the state. Our teams are working directly with Floridians to help improve this state with better mental health.

Improving the mental health rating in Florida starts one person at a time. It means that one person will seek therapy, improve their mental health, and then carry that improvement with them. As more people reach out to receive the support that they need, the mental health of the public in Florida can improve with them. We must all play our part to accomplish this together so that we can enjoy the benefits of a happier Florida.

The Takeaway

Music therapy might not be your first thought when you think of therapy, and that is just fine. The important part is recognizing that music therapy is an option that is already changing lives for people all around Florida and beyond. Only you can decide if music therapy is right for you, but if you are interested in learning more about it, we will always be happy to hear from you. Let’s make Florida stronger by improving ourselves one day at a time!

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