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Music Therapy Meets Mental Health: David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health

We’ve had the privilege of reaching even more South Florida families in need of mental health support through the David Lawrence Center for Behavioral Health. Locals may recognize this organization thanks to a number of recent community outreach events - like the recent 55th Anniversary Sound Minds™Celebration featuring Goldie Hawn - or through personal experience as a patient or relative of a patient.

On a mission to provide life-changing and life-saving behavioral health care to those who need it, David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health (DLC) delivers critical support to Florida families. As long-time partners for the past several years, The House of Music Therapy and DLC work together to provide music therapy programs to DLC patients who can benefit. This usually includes mental health patients, substance use patients, patients in crisis, and more.

All About David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health

When organizations and providers in our communities are able to make a massive impact, we’re first in line to cheer them on. Through education, prevention, intervention, and treatment, DLC has been able to change lives across 6 centers of excellence.

Emergency Services Center | Provides crisis evaluations and stabilizations through 24-hour walk-in access and Baker Act receiving.

○ In 2021, 2,087 adults and children were admitted through the Emergency Services Center.

Adult Service Center | Provides outpatient services, therapy, substance use recovery programs, crisis stabilization, and more.

○ In 2021, 42,964 individual, group, and family therapy sessions were conducted through the Adult Service Center.

Children & Young Adult Services Center | Provides therapy, psychiatric evaluation, partial hospitalization, social skills development, holistic therapies, and more.

○ In 2021, DLC provided 77,201 services to children and young adults, a 19% increase from 2020.

Addiction Recovery Center | Provides inpatient detoxification, short-term residential care, intensive outpatient programs, aftercare, medication-assisted treatment, and more.

○ In 2021, more than 43,549 addiction recovery services were provided through the DLC Addiction Recovery Center.

Virtual Care Center | Provides virtual counseling services for mental health, addiction, and substance abuse, as well as virtual doctor and medication services.

○ In 2021, the DLC Virtual Care Center provided 66,406 virtual telehealth services to patients.

Awareness & Prevention Center | Provides educational and outreach programs, Crisis Intervention Team training, mental health first aid training, parenting support programs, school-based prevention services, and more.

○ Since 2013, 673 law enforcement and EMS professionals have completed a week-long Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training.

Within the Collier County community, DLC works with public schools, the court system, emergency and transitional housing programs, the sheriff’s department, community resources and partners, and local doctors and hospitals.

Our Collaboration With DLC

Collaborative music therapy and behavioral healthcare provides a comprehensive approach to prioritizing patient wellbeing. By working alongside healthcare providers like DLC, we’re able to bring music therapy services to those who might not otherwise be able to access them due to the chaos of everyday life, inconvenience, lack of availability to leave their care center, etc.

We’re proud to work with patients through DLC in a number of ways, including:


DLC’s incredible inpatient substance use program for adults (as part of the DLC Addiction Recovery Center) brings critical support to those working through this 2 - 5 week program. By providing music therapy services, we can provide a healthy outlet and distraction from the challenges that accompany addiction treatment, and bring a little bit of joy back into the lives of each participant.

Crisis Stabilization (Adults + Children)

By providing crisis stabilization services, DLC is able to support patients struggling with self harm, extreme stress or trauma, abuse, interpersonal conflicts, and more. Bringing music therapy to participants allows us to provide a sense of stability, purpose, and wellbeing to patients struggling to feel safe and calm.

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program

DLC’s partial hospitalization program (PHP) provides voluntary day programs to children through structured and medically supervised treatment. Oftentimes, participants struggle with psychiatric symptoms, extreme distress, and impairment to self-care or school work. Through engaging and energizing music therapy, we’re able to bring a variety of music experiences to participants and brighten their worldview one day at a time.

The Benefits of Music Therapy Collaborations in Healthcare

By offering music therapy directly through healthcare programs and facilities (like PPECs, behavioral health facilities, and more), we’re able to meet families where they are. This expanded reach throughout the South Florida community allows us to bring life-changing therapy services to patients who need it most. Thanks to seamless collaboration and partnership with centers like DLC, clients and their families are able to experience comprehensive and effective treatment and music therapy from the comfort of their care center, facility, or program. By integrating directly into these critical community support networks, we can begin to create more comprehensive healthcare programs, provide multi-dimensional care, and address life altering changes from all angles. Our goal is to help our communities grow and thrive.

Learn More About DLC + House of Music Therapy

Eager to learn more about The House Of Music Therapy, David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health (DLC), or our partnership? Click here to explore The House Of Music Therapy, our services, and who we work with. Click here to dive deeper into DLC and learn about their offerings. If you’re an existing DLC patient or member and would like to learn more about music therapy offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your provider or director.

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