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Introducing Our Newest Partnership: Mini Miracles PPEC

For many of our South Florida families and clients, visiting us at The House of Music Therapy is only one of their therapeutic outings for the week. In addition to music therapy, some of our patients benefit from additional care at other therapy or treatment centers, including extended care centers. We’re thrilled to give these patients an opportunity to relax and enjoy music therapy away from home or in an engaging location, but even more thrilled to be able to partner with these centers to make comprehensive therapy even more accessible for all.

It’s not everyday that we get to welcome new “neighbors” to the Florida wellness and therapy space, which is why we’re especially excited to be able to share our latest update. Mini Miracles, a prescribed pediatric extended care organization (PPEC) for medically fragile children, opens their doors this month (March 2023) to welcome new patients and families in the Bonita Springs area.

As a PPEC, Mini Miracles exists to serve children with medical complexities and challenges. The Mini Miracles team believes that regardless of their needs, kids deserve the chance to be kids. By supporting childrens’ needs through a variety of therapies and services, they aim to help these clients and their families thrive in a comfortable environment.

More About Mini Miracles PPEC

Curious about what Mini Miracles offers to the South Florida community? We’re thrilled to partner with Mini Miracles in a number of ways, and excited to give you the inside scoop on all that they’re doing to bring expert care to clients:

● Working with patients from birth through age 21

● Accommodating Medicaid patients (100% free with Medicaid)

● Offering more than 360 developmental therapies

● Open 6 days a week

● Transportation program available

● Offering socialization and peer stimulating activities

● Nursing care available

● Multilingual staff and team members

● Medication administration as needed

● Recreational activities

● Social services available

● Pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition advisement

● Appointment assistance if needed

All of this is offered from an impressive, state-of-the-art facility that offers a welcoming, colorful, engaging environment for all who enter.

Want to know who qualifies? Beyond being Medicaid eligible or willing to self-pay, Mini Miracles works with children under 21 years of age who are diagnosed with a medically complex or medically fragile condition. Children must be stable but require short, long term, intermittent continuous therapeutic intervention, or skilled nursing care. Following a sign-off from your child’s physician and a prescription for PPEC services, they can begin care at the Mini Miracles facility.

By providing patients with high-quality care across a wide range of services, Mini Miracles aims to meet your child’s psychological, developmental, nutritional, and social needs through stimulating activities. These activities include physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, and music therapy - this is where our partnership begins!

How We’re Partnering With Mini Miracles…

By now, you’ve probably realized just how similar our mission and visions are. Both Mini Miracles and The House of Music Therapy exist to bring high quality, engaging therapies to those who can benefit. In an effort to expand our reach, we’re partnering with Mini Miracles to provide music therapy within their facility.

This means that music therapy offered through Mini Miracles PPEC is provided by the House Of Music Therapy team, including many of our well-loved camps offered to current clients of all ages and ability levels. By joining forces to serve families and patients in our community, we can continue bringing effective therapies to more children in need.

Offering 100% Free Therapy Through Medicaid

We’re most excited to announce that Medicaid recipients can benefit from totally free therapy through our partnership. Not only does this allow us to skip any unnecessary or complicated billing processes, but it also allows you and your family to benefit from a simple, straightforward, accessible experience from start to finish. And since Mini Miracles supports patients to age 21, we hope to help you get the most out of your Medicaid benefits. For those not eligible for Medicaid, Mini Miracles also offers assistance programs and private payment options.

The Benefits of Music Therapy in a PPEC

By offering music therapy directly through a prescribed pediatric extended care (PPEC) facility, we’re able to meet families where they are. This expanded reach throughout the South Florida community allows us to bring life-changing therapy services to patients who need it most. Thanks to a seamless collaboration and partnership, clients and their families are able to experience comprehensive and effective treatment and therapy with little to no financial stress or confusion, all from the comfort of their PPEC of choice (in this case, Mini Miracles).

Get Excited And Learn More

Eager to learn more about The House Of Music Therapy, Mini Miracles, or our partnership? Click here to explore The House Of Music Therapy, our services, and who we work with. Click here (website coming soon) to dive deeper into Mini Miracles to learn about what they provide and to who. You can also learn more about PPEC and how it works with Medicaid here. Our doors are always open for questions and inquiries from existing or prospective patients, students, and clients! We look forward to meeting so many new, bright patients through the Mini Miracles PPEC program, and can’t wait to celebrate their grand opening with them in a few weeks.

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