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New Beginnings | Fort Myers Music Therapy

Hi everyone, my name is Madeline but I’ve also adopted the names Maddie and Mads depending on the people and scenario I find myself in. In this post I’m hoping to first introduce myself and briefly discuss to starting my dream job in the career I love dearly. I recently just graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with my Bachelors in Music Therapy, guys I did it and man was it fun!

Growing up I was involved in music and both my parents creating space for me and my siblings to be involved in music. Having us take lessons, singing in the choir, or listening to

music in the house. My dad, I would say is the one who played the biggest role in me being musical. He a choir director and taught me all four years of high school. Singing and playing an instrument was a huge skill that I was able to learn at a young age and continued to strengthen all throughout my schooling.

When the time came to start applying for college I knew that I was also going to audition for the Schools of Music and study music. People were starting to ask what are you going to do? I thought well my dad is a high school choir director and I was inspired by the way he shaped and transformed young people through the gift of music so first I thought, yes I will be a choir director. Then one day my good friend asked me, “Madeline have you heard of Music Therapy?” She then went into a brief description of what it was and stated two words that made me listen in and say that’s the dream I’m going to purse. Those two words were that music therapy is powerful and healing.

Now I have witnessed in countless experiences the gift of what music can do in a clinical and evidence based practice where people are able to purse a therapeutic relationship and work towards a more beautiful tomorrow. The beauty of what I love is now what I do. Here I am, filled with excitement, starting in this private practice serving the community that I grew up in. I get to reach lives providing ways for self expression, developing skills, and creating a space for healing.

It has been wonderful serving the people that I have and experiencing the joy of this profession. I’m looking forward to writing more blog posts in the near future as I move through this new beginning and incredible chapter. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope today is filled with beauty!

Madeline Peterson, MT-BC

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