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New Beginnings | Hillary Gomez | The House of Music Therapy

Hillary Gómez, MT-BC Fort Myers, FL

Hey y’all! My name is Hillary Gómez and I am a music therapist currently working in Fort Myers, FL, having recently moved back from Texas. I am originally from the Caribbean, but after moving between CA, TX, and FL in the last 4 years, it almost seems like I’m slowly working my way back home!

I moved to the US in order to pursue my education in classical piano (having graduated from Ave Maria University with a B.A. in Piano Performance). However, after a couple of years of teaching students with special needs, I soon discovered how powerful music is in other areas and after a couple of internet searches later, I had fallen down the music therapy rabbit hole. I immediately enrolled in a Master’s of Music Therapy equivalency program in Sam Houston State University (to be completed this year!) and recently became a board-certified music therapist after finishing my internship with Covenant Children’s Hospital in Lubbock, TX.

My first couple of weeks working as a certified music therapist were phenomenal; I loved my clients and was excited to be working with children of all ages and diagnoses. However, much like the rest of the world, I was not expecting that my sessions would soon be moved to a virtual platform. After 3-4 weeks of working, The House of Music Therapy made the decision to enter TeleHealth as a precaution for both our clients and therapists, and I’m so grateful that we did!

TeleHealth Setup
TeleHealth Setup: How many instruments can you spy?

TeleHealth has its challenges, but I have been so inspired by the many advantages that it has offered to my clients over the past couple of months. Even though it’s not ideal, we’ve been able to continue treatment and stay connected; at such a crazy time, TeleHealth has allowed us to build a sense of normalcy with our weekly sessions (and has also allowed both myself and my clients to foster our creativity!). Not to mention, having our entire team switch to TeleHealth has provided a support system that has allowed us to quickly problem-shoot and develop new methods, skills, and competencies for this new virtual world.

I hope that we’ll be able to offer some insight into TeleHealth and other aspects of Music Therapy; at the end of the day, we’re all in this together, and I hope that by reading our posts you’ll join our THMT family. This is only the beginning! 😊

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