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Harmonious Healing via Memory Care for Aging Adults

As our loved ones of older generations age, the importance of holistic wellness practices increases. At The House of Music Therapy, we continue to champion the aging individuals in our communities, and are inspired by the increased need for effective, enjoyable care that helps our clients thrive. Aging adults on their journey towards an increased quality of life often find joy and satisfaction in activities that sharpen their thinking and processing abilities, and through music therapy, we’re able to provide exactly that. 

“People age 65 and older represented 17% of the population in the year 2020 but are expected to grow to be 22% of the population by 2040.” – Source: 

It’s safe to assume that most of us have older adults in our lives that we love and care for. And if you’re reading this, maybe you are an older adult looking for resources to help you care for your mind and cognition. Studies like the one mentioned above help us recognize the growing need for more memory care options and programming that helps this increasing number of adults stay mentally sharp.

Music Therapy for Cognitive and Physical Improvement

Beyond the mood boost that many of our clients enjoy during and after their music therapy sessions, our programs also offer tangible cognitive benefits for aging adults. By engaging in musical activities and therapies, we’re able to help stimulate neural connections and promote neuroplasticity. With the goal of potentially slowing down rates of cognitive decline, we show up passionately for our older clients seeking tangible, accessible memory care options. Whether it involves playing instruments, singing, listening, or participating in rhythms and sounds, we help the brain stay active and responsive throughout sessions.

We believe that by incorporating music therapy into daily routines throughout adult care facilities, memory care facilities, or from the comfort of their own home, we can provide our aging adult communities with beneficial care. In addition to the cognitive benefits, the rhythmic exercises and natural movement that accompanies most of our programs promotes coordination and balance. The combination of mental and physical stimulation can help combat the challenges that come with aging, like decreased mobility or motor control, while improving muscle strength.

Tailoring Music Therapy for Aging Adults

Music therapy isn’t a one-size-fits-all remedy. We create personalized programs and provide unique support that addresses individual needs, preferences, and interests. By working with patients and groups in medical care or memory care facilities, we can target relevant concerns and ability levels over time. The House of Music Therapy crafts bespoke programs and sessions that resonate with the life experiences - and musical tastes - of our patients. Our goal is to create an environment where the therapeutic power of music is a reliable source of support and enrichment in facilities in South Florida.

Memory Loss Meets Music Therapy

We work with several memory care facilities across our surrounding communities, including Fort Myers, Orlando, and Naples. Our exposure to aging adults in these areas has allowed us to gain a better understanding of the care our community members want and need. When it comes to memory loss challenges or ailments like dementia and Alzheimer's, patients and their families often feel helpless in the face of worsening cognitive function. Thanks to the universal language of music, however, we continue to make an impact and remove barriers in this space.

Not only has music therapy shown promising results in improving cognitive function, but also the emotional well-being of dementia patients and their families. Music has such a unique way of engaging several regions of the brain, and it stimulates memories and emotions that might otherwise remain dormant. Familiar tunes from the past can unlock memories and provide a comforting anchor for those navigating a dementia diagnosis and symptoms. We find that many of our patients are able to make connections with loved ones thanks to songs and their shared meanings or memories.

Especially in memory care facilities, dementia and Alzheimer’s can get in the way of connection - between patients, caregivers, practitioners, and family/visitors - and interrupt a sense of community between residents, patients, and staff. When we enter these memory care facilities, we get to experience a little bit of magic that happens when groups come together to enjoy a music therapy session together. The communal nature of our programming fosters a sense of togetherness and creates a shared space to connect. Group music therapy cultivates a supportive environment, allowing participants to draw strength from a collective experience.

The sense of camaraderie and understanding that follows our sessions allows for more pleasant interactions and steadier moods long after we leave the building. The importance of group music therapy throughout memory care is evident. By connecting individuals through music, we can transcend the isolating effects of memory loss and build community where it’s needed most.

Diligently Serving South Florida Families and Facilities

We offer comprehensive music therapy care throughout most of South Florida. In addition to Fort Myers, Orlando, and Naples, our coverage extends across Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties as well as Miami and some Sarasota communities. Our programming expands far beyond memory care and aging adult services, addressing a number of underserved and marginalized groups and providing uplifting care.

We offer both individualized one-on-one treatment plans as well as group programs both in-house and throughout care and recovery facilities, as well as virtually. Our music therapy assessment allows us to create targeted, personalized plans for individuals facing a wide variety of challenges, including mental health concerns, neurodivergence, aging ailments, cognitive development obstacles, and so much more.

Want to learn more about The House of Music Therapy and what we provide for patients? You can check us out online, and find a collection of our resources on the blog or our YouTube channel.

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