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ChatGPT for Songwriting | Fall 2023 Camp

Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey of musical discovery this fall! The House of Music Therapy invites older children, teens, and young adults to an innovative camp experience where the enthralling world of music intertwines with the futuristic realm of technology. Envision a space where creativity meets artificial intelligence, fostering not just a vibrant artistic spirit but also enhancing important life skills.

Under the guidance of our Board-Certified Music Therapists, the Songwriting & Tech Fusion Camp offers a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Over four inspiring weeks, participants will plunge headfirst into a rich and diverse array of activities, where musical excellence is paired with groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology like Chat GPT.

From the outset, our passionate team seeks to foster a nurturing environment where each individual is encouraged to tap into their well of creativity. The carefully designed sessions, which span the duration of the camp, promise not only a treasure trove of musical adventures but a plethora of opportunities to develop leadership skills, confidence, and community spirit.

We believe that music is a powerful medium of expression, capable of bringing people together in unparalleled harmony. As such, each session is sculpted to enhance innate social skills and bolster executive functioning abilities within the heartwarming context of musical creation.

Engage, Collaborate, and Create

Participants can look forward to a vibrant tapestry of activities each infused with a rich dose of music and fun! Here is a sneak peek of what awaits:

  • Songwriting Challenges with Chat GPT: Dive deep into the art of songwriting with the aid of AI, crafting lyrics that resonate and melodies that captivate.

  • Lyric Mad Libs: Unleash your linguistic creativity and collaborate with peers to write wildly entertaining and unpredictable song lyrics.

  • Melody Match-Up: Test your auditory skills and engage in friendly competition as you match melodies in this musical game.

  • Genre Exploration Kahoot: Expand your musical horizons as you explore different genres and styles through an interactive and educational Kahoot session.

  • AI-Assisted Finish the Lyric: Pair up with AI to craft the perfect continuation to a lyrical line, fostering both innovation and artistic growth.

  • Group Mantra: Create a united front with your fellow campers as you develop a group mantra, a powerful tool for fostering unity and friendship.

  • Using Music for Expression: Learn how to channel your emotions and thoughts through the powerful medium of music, honing your skills of self-expression.

Join us this fall for a fusion of technology and music at the Songwriting & Tech Fusion Camp, and be prepared to ignite a lifelong passion for music and creativity. Let's make this season melodious and magical, only at The House of Music Therapy.

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