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Discovering Music Therapy in Orlando with a Disney Twist

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Music therapy is a powerful form of therapy that can help us to grow, heal, and overcome challenges in our personal lives. Learn how it works and what it can offer Orlandoans!

Music is a powerful tool that has helped to shape humanity for generations. We use music in so many ways while maintaining a deep emotional connection to songs and sounds. With music, we can express heartbreak, find peace, or even open ourselves up to joy. In this article, we are going to explore how music therapy in Orlando can help you to improve your life one session at a time.

When most people hear about music therapy for the first time, they aren’t quite sure what to expect—or what it really means. Is it as simple as listening to a good song? Not entirely, but that is always a good starting point. During a music therapy session, music is used as a tool to explore our minds, bodies, and the world around us.

In music therapy, we explore our experiences through different sounds and rhythms. Recently, Apple released a new Disney Instrumentals playlist that we can use as a point of focus to understand better how it works. Though not everyone will benefit from working with Disney music, their songs are an excellent example of the power of music that most of us can understand. When we watch Disney or Pixar films, we tend to feel a lot of emotions—an experience that is enhanced by the music in each scene.

Music can create emotions, but it can also help us in other ways. Music therapy relies on the entire musical experience to help individuals push towards specifically outlined goals. Every approach is tailored to the individual, making it a highly versatile method that can work wonders for different groups of people with different needs.

During a music therapy session, it is common to listen to music, sing along to music, focus on lyrics from music, play an instrument, make your own songs, or even move along to certain pieces. With these different approaches, music therapy can improve cognition, enhance comfort, help individuals overcome trauma, and so much more.

How Does Music Therapy Work?

The magic of music therapy is that it is different for everyone. A certified music therapist will always begin by working to understand individual needs and goals. Then they will create an approach that is designed to move towards those goals. Since everyone is different, the sessions can vary depending on the individual and what they have going on at the time.

It might mean tapping along to the Disney classic “Hakuna Matata” to relax or belting out loud to “Let it Go” from Frozen to build confidence. Sessions can be built around events, problems, or even what you are feeling at the time. Sometimes we use music therapy to make sense of the world, and a lot of the time, we use it to make sense of ourselves. You and your music therapist will work together to help reach specific goals or process certain experiences using the power of music.

Who is Music Therapy for?

Since music therapy is such a powerful and versatile tool, it can benefit anyone and everyone. This form of therapy is effective for people of all ages, from different backgrounds, and with different needs. Using individualized strategies, music therapists can help you receive the positive outcome you are looking for.

With this in mind, there are plenty of people that can benefit from music therapy for different reasons. Music therapy is effective for promoting physical health and improving motor skills. It can even help improve how well a person functions during social situations. There are just as many uses as there are ways to explore music.

At the heart of music therapy is its deep focus on understanding and communication. Music has the ability to create and share emotions, and as humans, we can use that in a way that works for each of us. It can be just as effective for someone who wants to build stronger communication skills as it is for someone who is constantly facing overstimulation.

Do You Need a Musical Background for Music Therapy?

A common misconception regarding music therapy is that it is for people who are already musically inclined, which isn’t true. People from all backgrounds can benefit from music therapy. There is no need to have any musical talent or skill before you walk in. When it comes to music therapy, Orlando residents can rest easy knowing it is a judgment-free zone.

With music therapy, there is no ego to carry into the session. A music therapist will adjust the sessions based on what is comfortable for the individual. There is no technical skill requirement. Building the idea of a better future by moving along to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana is something that anyone can do in a private session.

The science behind music therapy precedes this form of therapy completely. For ages, studies have shown that music can effectively elicit an emotional response or help people to be more present in the moment. We know that music therapy can impact both the mind and body in powerful ways by changing how we think and feel. Though not everyone will benefit from listening to Disney songs specifically, music therapy can be tailored to individual interests and needs to provide a better experience.

Bringing Music Therapy to Orlando

The House of Music Therapy is coming to Orlando. We are ready to offer help, fun, and guidance to those looking to benefit from the advancements that this form of therapy can offer. With music therapy, Orlandoans can improve their lives and overcome new challenges as they come up. We cannot wait to join the area and start sharing the power of music!

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