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Transitioning from a “Therapist behind a Camera” to a “True Telehealth Provider"

Learning about Virtual Communication from Mark Bowden, Expert in Human Behavior and Body Language

Transitioning from a “Therapist behind a Camera” to a “True Telehealth”

Telehealth Music Therapy in Florida
Telehealth Music Therapy Florida

Whether you are aware of it or not, musical instruments all have the capability to pluck the right set of strings that harmonizes our balance flux in life. It was well known that music, regardless of its form, is intertwined with frequencies. These sets of frequencies tend to affect us in a number of ways. They can send our mood scales up or down the spectrum, depending on what the frequencies are tuned to.

Over the past few years, a number of scientists have all come to a conclusion, agreeing that the human body entirely works in collection with low-frequency vibrations. For example, vibrations are produced with physiological processes. Organs like the heart, lungs, vain / arteries, and the brain all impulse a frequency vibration throughout our bodies. We know that the brain impulses a resonance frequency of ~ 10 Hz, and track-paths in the vain that promotes blood circulation is about 0.05 to 0.03 Hz. Overall, everything around us is influenced by frequencies, all fined tuned under the laws of its natural code. This is why music has the ability to influence and motivate us in multiple ways. Under the same contrast, music can also inflame negativity, thus depending on the range of frequency associated with the pitch of the music.

With the understanding of how musical frequency and vibrations work, we can comparatively include and contrast the relationship between the frequencies of music and the human body. Experts from around the world have strategically used telehealth to streamline their range of therapy sessions. While it has been proven that telehealth systems work exceptionally, Mark Bowden, who is a world-renowned communication expert, emphasizes the importance of body language.

Who is Mark Bowden Anyways?

Mark Bowden The House of Music Therapy
Mark Bowden, Expert in Human Behavior and Body Language

Voted as the country’s number body language professional in the world for almost 2 years strong, Mr. Mark Bowden has significantly made an exceptional global presence and has gained recognition as the leading authority on nonverbal communication. Prior to his renounce, Mr. M. Bowden was the international keynote speaker and president from NCCAC (National Communication Coach Association of Canada. Currently, Mark provides training for both individuals and professionals alike, but more commonly for professional groups on how to strategically use their body language to contrast sufficiently from the rest of the crowd! Mark enthusiastically explains that therapy leading experts can win the trust of their clients and gain the right credibility each and every time they deploy a session with their client.

Is he Trustworthy? If He Wasn’t, We Wouldn’t be talking about Him!

Mr. M. Bowden is the founder of TRUTHPLANE®, holding successful, credible historic-track-record of top leaders in business. His range of clients includes business, teams, political parties, presidents, and of course, CEO's from recognized companies from Fortune 500 like Prime Ministers of G7 powers. With over four books authored, emphasizing on main topics like body language and human behavior. His top achievements are as follows:

· World-renowned body language expert and best-selling author

· Skills trainer and leader, humor influencer to help leaders and sales professionals around the world through unique behavioral sciences.

· Designed and implemented the simple-yet-powerful verbal and non-verbal techniques that created not only the most inspirational methods but influential and persuasive communication in crucial business challenges.

What have we learned from Mark Bowden?

We have learned that the body language of a person can tell you a lot about them. By understanding the body language in-depth, we can further define a tone, a spectrum of frequency. By considering the current state of an individual through evaluation of the frequencies, musical telehealth seekers can be accompanied through both live and online-sessions sufficiently and conveniently.

Moreover, Mark has designed something called the SCAN method, which provides experts the right sense of training and understanding needed in order to produce powerful and engaging content material. Since Mark Bowden is an expert in human behavior, he has helped many speakers win the trust and gain credibility. He promises that through the SCAN method, these qualities are gained each and every time the experts speak. Mark Bowden has sufficiently expressed how such tactic is deployed, simply by defining the core essentials of non-verbal and visual communications. His method further explains that it can be achieved by providing training to professionals alike. Training through Mark Bowden’s methods can be accessed through his workshops, books that he has written, and over course lecture videos, defining the core strategy that influences audience engagement and improves the impact of speakers. One of the earliest forms of his works consists of visualization. An image set to display for a specific set of audience, which promotes specific types of feelings, or convey some sort of a message for its viewers. Mark Bowden believes that by creating specific sets of imagery, people can be influenced and can also help viewers gain a sense of trust by that which represents such imagery.

What is Telehealth?

The House of Music Therapy Green Screen

From a general perspective, telehealth is specifically the process of distributing health-related services or information through an electronic medium. It allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, and important advisory tips, education, motorization, including admissions accessed from remote designations. The amazing part about this is that it can be geared and tailored in a number of ways, aiding those individuals through the fluency of musical and visual music therapy. So far, TeleHealth has allowed many speakers to build a sense of normalcy, streamline support systems and dash out to quickly solve issues and problems alongside develop new methods for improvement.

The House of Music Therapy

The House of Music Therapy is an online, centralized hub for individuals to seek inspiration, guidance, and or assistance through the influence of musical and non-verbal communication. It is the ideal place to seek therapy, providing clients consultation and therapy sessions for individuals that have one or more of the following health conditions:

· Developmental Disorders

· Mental health

· People with Addiction problems (drugs/alcohol)

Virtual Music Therapy (The Transition from Behind the Cam to True Telehealth)

If you’re wondering what virtual music therapy is, well, honestly, it is exactly what it sounds like. It is another typical musical therapy through the empowerment of technological platforms. From some of the most popular practices, one-on-one musical video engagement and visual therapy practices have proven to not only help experts lead and gain the trust from their range of clients but also gain exceptional credibility and stand far apart from the rest of the competition.

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