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Virtual Music Therapy: An Accessible Alternative

Music therapy is a wonderful approach to therapy that can help you to work through a variety of different concerns. Effective for treating anxiety, depression, sensory issues, and more, this style of therapy is one of the more modern options that is currently available. By blending music with therapy techniques, people of all ages can make vast improvements and work through any concerns that they might have, but getting to in-person therapy is a concern itself for a lot of people. In this article, we will explore how virtual music therapy is making therapy more accessible for people all around the world.

What is Virtual Music Therapy?

With music therapy, there are a variety of different treatment approaches available, and if 2020 taught us anything, it is that a lot of these techniques can be embraced at home. Virtual music therapy is almost identical to traditional music therapy, but instead of going to a specific location for your sessions, the sessions are completed entirely online. Using video communication software and other helpful tools, virtual music therapy is an approach that makes therapy accessible whether you are at home or on the road.

Therapy and Accessibility

When most people think of therapy, they imagine sitting in an office and talking directly with a therapist—but the world is changing. It has become clear that music therapy doesn’t actually require in-person meetings and that requiring in-person meetings actually limits how many people can access this form of therapy. With virtual music therapy, anyone can show up for a session without having to physically head to a location.

There are several different reasons that a person might opt to choose virtual music therapy instead of traditional in-person options. Virtual music therapy can be a safer and more comfortable option for those looking to receive this form of therapy, and it also makes therapy accessible during periods of travel. Making therapy options more accessible is a key concern for all therapists, and this particular form is great for increasing just how many people can receive music therapy in a way that meets their needs.

The Benefits of Telehealth Music Therapy

There are several different benefits that come with choosing virtual music therapy. All too often, we tend to think that alternate versions like this aren’t as effective, but that isn’t the case at all. Virtual music therapy offers all of the benefits of therapy while also giving you the option to attend a session from home—or anywhere else.

Cut Down on the Commute

Commuting is something that a lot of us are not overly fond of for different reasons. Having to physically drive to a location might not be an option for you—or it just might be really inconvenient. Whether you are not able to drive yourself or you simply don’t want to spend the additional time that it would take to get to a physical location, this style of therapy allows you to skip the travel and just get right to your session.

The Comfort of Home

For a lot of us, our homes are a place of comfort and security. There are countless reasons why you might want to attend a therapy session from home, and they are all completely acceptable. Instead of heading to a physical location in a new area, you can have the added degree of comfort and relaxation that comes with attending a session in your own home—and for a lot of people, this can make a really big difference. Sometimes you want to spend a therapy session in your room or on your couch, and that is just fine!

An Added Degree of Safety

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us have more notable concerns regarding our own personal safety. People who are immunocompromised or live with other people that might be at a higher risk might not be comfortable heading out more than necessary. While therapists should always take active steps to ensure a safe and clean space, virtual music therapy means that you can skip these worries entirely while still getting the therapy that you know and love.

Save Your Spoons

For some people, mustering up the energy to get ready and physically go to a location for therapy can simply be too much. The concept of “spoons” as a symbol for energy has been around for ages, where each of us has a set number of spoons on any given day, and when we run out, we are well and truly out.

The number of spoons that we have might vary from one day to the next, which can make it very difficult to reliably be able to handle certain tasks. Virtual music therapy offers those who don’t have many spoons on any given day to reduce the hassle that comes with getting ready and traveling without forcing them to skip therapy completely.


It isn’t a secret that therapy can be fairly intimidating, particularly if you haven’t attended a session before. So many people have to build up their comfort levels, and while therapists will help with that and focus on it if needed, the fact is that looking someone in the eye during a therapy session can be pretty hard for a lot of us. Virtual music therapy allows a more approachable alternative by giving you a little extra space while still allowing you to embrace this form of therapy on your own terms

The Takeaway

In recent years, we have learned just how much good can come from virtual offerings whether it is for work, school, or a visit to your therapist. With virtual music therapy, music therapy is more accessible and available to everyone, which means that more people can feel comfortable attending and accessing these powerful therapeutic services. Every single one of us can benefit from therapy, and music therapy is quickly becoming a favorite for people with different backgrounds and needs. Fortunately, this form of therapy is just as effective on a screen as it is in person, and we love providing more options to keep you safe and happy.

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